About napcats

Napcats are based in East Renfrewshire and are happy to travel to where your cat siting needs are required.

Our lives are becoming busier and the demands put upon us greater.  We no longer always have the option to work 9-5.  There are unforeseen events or emergencies when help isn’t always at hand and Napcats will give you the piece of mind to deal with these.

Napcats aim is to build a trusting relationship and to provide the best possible care for your feline friends in your absence.

Would you like more information on our services, please contact us we are happy to help!

I’m Scout.

Napcats started because of me!

Not because I sleep a lot, well I have my moments, but because I like a bit of company. In fact I like to be where all the action is, when I say action I mean I like to make sure the housework is going smoothly.

I don’t need too much fuss.

Just straws.

Lots of straws.

Especially if they are in a carton.

If you’re looking for it later it’ll be under a rug…

I love a snuggle especially during the night or when you have a spare 3cm of chair space available.

I’m quite happy to wait until you have sat down to your evening meal before I sit at your feet and stare at you, but hey, It’s ok, you can feed me whenever you like. You have 10 seconds…..

I never liked being left of my own or couldn’t go on the family holiday and I had to go and stay in a strange place. It’s much nicer if someone comes to take care of me in my own home & I can eat, play, cuddle up and nap in my favourite spot.

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