As a cat owner I have struggled in the past to find suitable and reliable care.  I have found catteries impersonal and have not been happy with their premises or care. I started Napcats to offer peace of mind for you and your cats.

Whether you need long or short term care for your cat due to work commitments, holidays or last minute emergencies, I will provide a professional service to make sure cats are cared for, fed & entertained in your absence.

Benefits of home care

Cats are creatures of habit and become very attached to their home environment therefore having them cared for in their own surroundings can:

  • Reduce stress on them and you.
  • No unnecessary upset due to being moved elsewhere especially if there are health problems or mobility issues.
  • Routines can be maintained.
  • Lessen the risk of illness or parasites from other animals
  • No longer need to ask favours or rely on neighbours, family or friends.
  • Gives the appearance your home is occupied.

Each visit will include

Daily visits to suit your needs – I will visit as many times as you wish.

  • Feeding
  • Fresh water
  • Clean bowls
  • Clean litter tray
  • Grooming
  • Lots of cuddles, fuss & play

“napcats was recommended to me by a friend as I had an unexpected family gathering in Nottingham.

Can’t thank Gillian enough. She was so helpful given the short notice. I found her so easy to talk to and very efficient. ‘Skat’ likes his home comforts and is always unsettled when I’ve had to check him into a cattery.

I came home to a much happier cat!

Will definitely use napcats from now on.”


Napcats offers peace of mind for you and your cats

At no extra cost napcats can

  • administer any flea or worming treatments
  • water plants
  • open/close curtains
  • put lighting on/off
  • have mail/parcels taken in
  • do a basic grocery shopping for your return
  • take care of any other small animals including fish, birds, rabbits, gerbils and hamsters.

Regarding updates to clients

I will discuss with you what kind of updates you would like to receive.

  • this could be daily text and or picture messages
  • and or a completed daily care checklist


  • I will leave your house as I found it.
  • I will empty any bins that I have put rubbish into
  • I will clean any floors and surfaces where I have been working or where your pet has had access to

napcats provides a 30 minute free consultation visit to learn about your cat/s and their routine prior to caring for them. Ensuring that we treat your cats with great care.


napcats provide a 30 minute free consultation visit to learn about your cat/s and their routine prior to caring for them. House keys will be also be required on this visit or alternative arrangements are required for keys to be dropped off.

  • £10 per 40 min visit & travel
  • Scottish public holidays are charged at time & half.
    A minimum of 5 days notice is required to cancel a booking or unfortunately a 50% cancellation fee will be incurred.
    Payment to be made after consultation appointment.

If you would like to discuss a customised service, please feel free to contact us.

napcats has full public & professional indemnity insurance.

We are a student member of the Institute for Animal Care Education and are certified with a Dog Walking and Pet Home Sitting Diploma from Online Academies.   We are currently completing a feline first aid course.


This is Ginger.

napcats help to take care of her on a regular basis.

Although she is fed and loved she just needs a little extra TLC.

Cats can be excellent companions and can bring joy and happiness to a household and so it’s only fair that they receive the attention they deserve.


I’m Oliver. I’m a friend of Ginger.

Sometimes we are the best of friends but then sometimes I need a little ‘me’ time. I like to wander and have been known to explore new places.

I love when napcats come to help.  I know there will extra treats and some cuddle time.

Would you like to book our cat sitting service?